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Tour teams - Your pick

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Hombre El Asso said:
Lance is a winner.


Dec 11, 2009
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The 16 (assuming Lampre gets their papers in order) remaining protour teams from last year will be in because of the agreement between ASO and UCI. Cofidis & Bbox have been assured of an invite as well, that makes 18.

They would surely invite Radioshack since it has LA and a pretty strong team overall. That's 19.

If they stick with 20 total then they can only invite one out of the following teams:

I'm pretty sure they want last year's green jersey winner and an ex-winner so I'd say Cervelo is in. I also think they want BMC for displaying the WC as well as having a serious contender (2nd twice!), so I think they'll go for at least 21 teams. And if they decide to go to 21 they might as well go to 22? :D

They may opt for Sky to fill the final spot due to Wiggins, but since the rest of the team isn't exactly a great GC squad I think they'll go for Vacansoleil who have the Feillus and a team that has shown it's willingness to animate races by attacking frequently. Skil-Shimano even though they did well in last year's race don't seem like they have anything special to add so they'll surely be out. The same goes for Saur-Sojacun: even though they're french the competition for entry slots is so fierce this year that they must pick a better team - perhaps this favors Vacansoleil even more since they have french riders.

In short: I think Sky, Skil and Saur are out. In case another team drops out due to doping scandals (or in case Lampre doesn't manage to extend its license) then they'll probably pick Sky.
Pedaaldanser said:
Hmm if that's the case, I'm sure Garmin will get an invite, but I suppose Katusha may be out for Sky.

unless the ASO take a dim view of Sky trying to sign Swift from Katusha and think that Kim Kirchen, Joaquim Rodríguez & Robbie are just as good (if not better) than Wiggo, Lovquist & EBH
Skil is out regardless, they just don't have the team...

Will be hard to pick out remaining teams, because the start is in Holland, I give Vacansoleil a very big chance to be one of the teams, let's say 70%. Certainly if Johnny H. keeps improving. Plus they have the Feillus, major pro.
Tour organisation has no problem leaving world champions or big contenders out, they did it in the past, they will do it again.
Oct 29, 2009
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Bradley Wiggins
Thomas Lövkvist
Simon Gerrans
Edvald Boasson Hagen
Kurt Asle Arvesen
John-Lee Augustyn
Chris Froome
Geraint Thomas
Serge Pauwels

In my eyes thats one of the strongest teams in the tour. GC contender, good support and stage hunters. If Sky don't get an invite it'll be a travesty!


The Cobra said:
In my eyes thats one of the strongest teams in the tour. GC contender, good support and stage hunters. If Sky don't get an invite it'll be a travesty!

Nothing compared to the Shack.

Shack attack :D
Jun 28, 2009
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Out of these 9 from the original post Radio Shack, Team Sky, BMC Racing, Garmin-Transitions, and Cervélo are certainties imo.

For the last spot (between Vacansoleil, Saur Sojasun, Katyusha, and Skil-Shimano) should go to either Skil or Vacansoleil. Unless McEwen makes a goal of the Tour for the last time, in which case it should go to Katyusha.