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djpbaltimore said:
hrotha said:
I don't see how Fahrenheit is any more arbitrary than Celsius. *runs*
Scientifically, this is true. We really should be using the Kelvin scale. Looks like about 310 K tomorrow?
Kelvin scale belongs to the International.system of units as "m" and "kg"...but for some strange reason it's not as widely used!

Fahrenheit is just ugly :p

I'm not sure, maybe we use Celsius because temperatures at which Water changes its state are easier to remember (0 and 100)
Sep 9, 2009

jens_attacks said:
celsius is awesome

and people stop fuccin driving on the wrong side(left)
Countries which drive on the left have fewer road accidents as most people are right handed and have better spacial awareness on the right-hand side of their body.
Personally I think anyone sticking to the imperial system is *** annoying and should be banned from all conversations in which they'd try to use that *** up system. Because *** logic, that's why
Jul 5, 2010
Turned out it was hot, but not as hot as predicted. No signs of rain at all, as expected. The wind got harder during the day, not sure how much effect it had. It was very noticeable for sure.