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Track World Champs

The world championships were worth following. One highlight was Ganna breaking the world record, proving that he ain't no Mickey Mouse. He's the second to ride the 4 km in less than four minutes. Of course the individual pursuit should be Olympic again.

Another exciting race was the women's Madison, were the Belgian duo Kopecky & Bossuyt beat the French duo by one point. They had to play all or nothing and take a lap. It was close until the final sprint, and for one minute the French home crowd thought they had won.
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Bump. TP tomorrow. With Hayter out of the way, this has Italy written all over it, as per usual. Will be intriguing to watch the French. One year away from Paris, when the home team always over performs in the Olympics. They've been getting better every year.

Team sprint will be interesting too. Netherlands have their success coach Hugo Haak back, after losing to Australia last year. However, the team is in desperate need of a good starter. Roy van den Berg is declining too hard for Lavreysen to compensate. I would also like to point out an individual, more likely to be seen on the normal sprint: Kaiya Ota. He is a former rower, and he's been impressing the hell out of me. Not many have made Lavreysen sweat like he has in Jakarta and Caïro.
Impresive time by the GB female sprint team. Beating Germany in the qualification by almost 0.4 and almost the second team under 46 sec (Germany is the only one so far with 45.967 in 2022)

And in the mens team sprint the Netherlands beating Australia by 0.5. But Richardson left out the qualification, so I would expect a closer gap in the first round and hopefully in the final.
Not a great result for the German and Italian women in the team pursuit. They might still reach the bronze final of course, but I'm sure they were hoping for more. The British team was the strongest, despite Archibald having had a pretty rough time both physically and mentally ahead of the championships.
Ganna on track in the pursuit, Gee just finished... and this gentleman paying the venue a visit