Trittico Lombardo; 16th, 17th & 18th August

The order of these races has been reversed from previous years, so first up is...

16th August - Coppa Bernocchi (1.1)

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Slightly different route from last year- there's one extra lap of the Valle Olona circuit (6 in total), and only two laps of the finishing circuit. It's still the most sprinter friendly race of the Trittico Lombardo though.


17th August - Coppa Agostoni (1.1)

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18th August - Tre Valli Varesine (1.HC)

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The best is saved until last.



Rai will have live coverage of all three races, so there should be some streams around.
Mar 26, 2009
I think it's a smart move to start with Bernocchi as it should be much more fun to watch with a Tre Valli Varesine climax!
Michele said:
I think it's a smart move to start with Bernocchi as it should be much more fun to watch with a Tre Valli Varesine climax!
Just so long as we get coverage.
I see we have 2 hours live (14-55CET) on RAITRE for Benocchi and Agostoni, but Tre Valli seems only to be on for half an hour, with 2 hours a bit later on RS 2.
I hope the schedules are wrong.

However, I agree.
Having Tre Valli first was not great planning.
Much better to have your anti pasti before the main course.

Even better, they finish just before the Volta begins.

Thanks for the thread Geraint.
I was thinking about making one myself, but just back after a break.......
Jun 4, 2011
Napolitano for the win today: he looked to be in shape at the tour of Wallonie, and his wife just had a child a couple of days ago, so he is very motivated to do well in this race.
1. Emanuele Sella (Androni) 4h25'39''
2. Fortunato Baliani (Nippo) s.t.
3. Danilo Di Luca (Acqua & Sapone) a 2'50''
4. Davide Mucelli (Utensilnord) s.t.
5. Riccardo Chiarini (Androni) s.t.
6. Fabio Taborre (Acqua & Sapone) a 3'08''
7. Giovanni Visconti (Movistar) s.t.
8. Gabriele Bosisio (Utensilnord) s.t.
9. Angelo Pagani (Colnago) s.t.
10. Francesco Failli (Farnese) s.t.
Jun 4, 2011
jens_attacks said:
congrats to sella
acqua e sapone fails again....hopefully for tre valle they won't disappoint
Di Luca said that Betancourt was originally with Sella and Balliani, but was dropped on the Ghisallo,so they started to chase too late.

Visconti instead with another top 10 seems the favourite for winning the diamond, and tomorrow he is going to be one of the men to beat.

The one who most impressed me however is Pozzovivo that rode off very easily from Di Luca group on the Giovenzana.