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Vlasov lost 26 minutes to a winner (Sivakov) last year. I know he managed to beat for example Stannard at Aosta, but I wouldn't but him as a main favorite. I mean if Cherkasov is riding it could very well be him who'll be their best GC rider at the end? That being said he probably doesn't have the best form right now, but who knows.

What about Colombians? Is Munoz starting? He was 13th last year. Luis Fernando Jimenez, recent Vuelta Colombia U23 winner also taking part, I wonder if he could show something at the tougher stages. Overall I think the GC will be very open ball game compared to last year.
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RedheadDane said:
LaFlorecita said:
Has anyone seen an official result for the prologue? I can't find one on the website. The one on PCS doesn't show Diego Sevilla's time (and maybe some others, but that's the one I noticed)
The one posted further up this thread isn't the official result list?
It is but that's only top20 ;)

DNP-Old said:
thanks my friend. I just found one on an italian website as well. PCS has the wrong Diego listed ( :eek: ) kinda strange there are no results on the race's official website?



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