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UAE Tour 2022, February 20 - February 26

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What do you folks expect of Ackermann's perfromance?

I hope for him he wins a stage. The UAE sponsors don‘t like seeing their riders losing bike races.

Ackermann certainly would not be tortured if he would not win a stage - as would maybe be the case for North Korean athletes. But I could imagine the sponsor makes Gianetti call Ackermann, take Ackermann to the headquarters, and name Ackermann every curse word he knows.

Being insulted by Gianetti is not a thing which can be recommended to anyone. Just the opposite of the rather soft-spoken Ralph Denk at Bora…

Ackermann doesn‘t deserve this, so I hope he wins his stage… :)
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Some pics

View: https://twitter.com/DoCiclismo/status/1494633463298904066?s=20&t=q8QkanxkqoKNKUpp4RRc-A


So Lotto-Soudal send four riders to this WT race, and these are actually four of their probably slowest riders. That is strange…

Part of their Saudi team tested positive for covid afterwards and still have a red Covid Safe Ticket, so they couldn't get on a plane.
Vanhoucke also missed Provence due to sickness before, so my guess is that he also had Covid and still coudn't get on a plane.
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Just had a look at the different stages.

Today, I somewhere read tomorrow‘s ITT in Algarve is 32kms long.

At UAE, it‘s nine kms, at Paris-Nice 13kms, if I remember correctly.

I‘m surprised the ITT at UAE is only nine kilometers long. In my opinion, 18-20 kms would have been perfect. Nine kms is too short, so I‘m really disappointed.

I hope you are capable of getting over this personal drama. Luckily tomorrow you can enjoy a very long TT first.

Personally I think this TT in uae is perfect. 20KM would produce too big gaps given that Jabel Jais hardly produces gaps and with a bit of bad luck with the wind Jebel Hafeet suffers from the same.
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