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UCI confirms: NO positives during Vuelta



one positive in the tour later overturned, no positives in the vuelta.

Cycling is clean

May as well shut the clinic
Never Tested Positive

Haven't you heard? UCI isn't processing sedative and roofie positives. The paperwork is abandoned in a desk specifically designed for losing paperwork in Agile.

Between the UCI's crack doping specialist that's gone missing... again, and the organizer having no interest in generating a doping story I'd say that's the glorious example of the good that comes from an industry that regulates itself.

C'mon you guys, the sports clean now. You know, like Marion Jones and Wonderboy and so many others squeaky clean high achievers. No positives means nothing to see here.

Move along now....
Apr 9, 2011
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do you think the UCI has a press release writing day in the off season ?

ie Giro 2012 no positives

The last Grand Tour no positives were recorded. This clearly shows that Cycling lead by the UCI´s biological passport is winning the fight against doping.

No wonder the UCI got ****ed when the USADA wanted to do the testing at the tour of Cali - they might have found a -ve test or 10 :eek: