UCI Gravel World Championships 2022, October 8-9, Italy

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I wasn't paying to much attention at the beginning, but did they start in small groups?

It was the same group in front for the whole race and the course wasn't that exciting. I found the race a bit boring to be honest.
The thing I find strange about the course is that it seems to completely miss the point of the US gravel scene. As far as I know the biggest races are closer to the ultra-endurance category than your typical one day race. Of course getting road pros to make more than a token appearance at that sort of event would be a hard sell because preparing for and recovering from a 9+ hour effort is a lot more disruptive than the racing they're used to.
To sell the sport for viewers, the UCI are never going to sanction ultra long distance 'US style' Gravel races for World championships. However, while this course was picturesque, it didn't look massively challenging. The final km was interesting, however. It will be interesting to see how that pans out tomorrow - it's got MvdP all over it; a couple of tight hairpin one of which is uphill......

We know Veneto host it again next year, but hopefully they'll make a few changes.....

But, we got a worthy winner....
The finish was fun to watch, the scenery was great! Also must say I didn’t mind the single camera following the leaders, I enjoyed the quick changes in terrain.
That was the aspect I did really enjoy, and something that differentiates it from other disciplines. But a single camera behind the leaders won't be enough to maintain a TV audience I think. Ahead of the leaders would have been better, but probably difficult due to the narrowness of some of the lanes?
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Managed to watch a replay and the finish with the castle is really awesome. Great win for PFP. I missed some more attacking though in the lead group, hopefully there will be more action in the mens race tomorrow.