UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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Some thoughts on the possible expansion in the future:

Less European rounds isn't a great idea, when most of the teams are based there.
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Some thoughts on the possible expansion in the future:

Less European rounds isn't a great idea, when most of the teams are based there.
I understand what they are aiming for (besides the obvious of making money), but there are many implications that may well not be for the long term benefit of the sport.
The top of a sport is only as good as the base, I fear for its development, especially those teams and riders that will now be second division.
An limited increase in the number of races sounds sensible, but if they try to get team and especially rider commitment it will come unstuck.
There would have to big money to persuade Pidock to sign up to all races.

Flanders classics have tried to do a similar thing with cyclo cross increasing riders and locations, this has had only limited success with riders now picking and choosing non core races.
An Italian race on snow to please the UCI, an Irish round and Spanish race when some riders are already there training, plus a reduction to only one round in US this year is not exactly a sucess.
Her starts are getting better - and she's not losing loads of places.....The World Cup overall is not yet over, despite Puck having a lead of 320 points....
And she already won her 2nd elite Marathon WC this year, 6 days before loosinge Bronze at the WC to Puck Pieterse. Her endurance is top class and combined with her being a lightweight and wanting to become the best female cyclist ever I kinda want to see her on the road and some point.
She definitely deserves a spot on a factory team. The NZ cycling federation gives very little support to its MTB riders. She has achieved a great deal on her own.

Very similar to the Aussie federation then - I recall Bec Henderson not being happy after winning multiple World Cups last season not receiving/ getting adequate ranking from the federation.
They both seem to prioritise Track, similar to the UK......despite XC success.
In 2023, it's simply not good enough; both races were mini-World Cups - and poor irregular updates on Twitter shouldn't be accepted. There are a lot of improvements to be made with regards to promotion of MTB racing......
Totally agree! I get that it is a "test" event, but there seems to be a total lack of appreciation for how to promote this sport! Even though there was no money and no points on offer for this race, it was still a race with big names.

Incidentally, interesting folks at the pointy end! Go Gunnar!!
Most championship (Olympics/Euros, etc) courses seem to follow a certain pattern; mainly 'man made' close to a city, and easy for TV cameras to film footage. The Euros in Krakow was similar; reclaimed from ex-mining works - this is similar. The easiest solution would have been to go to the French Alps, but then it's not Paris......
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