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UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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Partly post holiday blues, but mainly low grinding position, his usual poor start and a track not suited to overtaking .
Said he felt awful at the start but improved as race progressed.
17th finish means a reasonable start position for Sunday. Not sure what to expect from him, top five perhaps.
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As seen in his instagram post, he spent most of the week on the beach...and it was a shock to the system. Anyway, XCC has never really been his strong point....
Sunday will be hard, as it's a brutal course....and it will be strange to see Nino not in the rainbow bands, but in the WCup leaders jersey.

Looks like the Downhill has been postponed due to high winds; predictably, the 'experts' on Pinkbike aren't impressed.
Pal Arinsal, Andorra. That’s a nasty course. Sketchy slippery sections with lots of opportunities for going overboard.

Stable results by the two World Champions albeit not fantastic.

TV coverage is getting better making MTB somewhat more exciting to watch.
A little odd to me that Pidcock started in the back grid (World Champion) in the XCO cup but could be bumped up at the start of the WC. No coordination between these events? Doesn’t a WC win give ranking points in the cup?