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Uk - Tour Series



Couldnt find the old thread, so hey, a new one...

Exeter tonight and a cracking fine race... we took a couple of go's round the circuit earlier in the day on a couple of montain bikes, and was obvious it was going to be pretty fast.. Second longest circuit on the tour at 1.5km and they where covering it in well under 2 minutes.. Had a breif chat with Dean Downing afterwards and he confirmed it was fast as hell, also said the crowd was brilliant and packed all the way round the 1.5km circuit..

good nights racing though..

<< missing picture
first sprint, Ed Clancy sneaks it from old man Malcolm Elliot

Second sprint, Clancy second to Macallam, and when Clancy took the third sprint from halfords team mate Rob Hayles that was enough for the sprint prize..

<< missing picture

Good breakaway formed with about ten minutes to go with 3 guys from Rapha Condor (including Dean Downing), a couple of the halfords guys and a few others, with a lap to go a third Halfords rider made it across (the team comp is based on team with first three across the line),

<< guess what.. another missing picture...

and a pretty decent final sprint with national crit champ dean downing taking the win... (unfortunately blocked by a bloody tv camera bike )

All in all damn cracking night.. surprised at how many people turned out to see it, with not the biggest amount of publicity prior to the event.. The ToB guys seem very keen on the south west, 2 stages of the tour of britain later this year... all good..

< another missing picture

Just great to see midweek evening crit racing back on british streets again.. Hope it takes off, because its a great nights racing..obviously a few cycling fans out who knew the riders etc, but also great to listen to people as we came home commenting on how much they enjoyed it (and most remarking how damn fast they where going)...

^ Few pics here because as usual linking to images in posts doesnt work on the forum..
Mar 19, 2009
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Sounds like fun... Crit racing that is. I'm gonna do some Super Week crits this year! 100k over 1 mile "squares" lol. Not all of tem though. LOL
Mar 11, 2009
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I'm going to be marshalling at the Edinburgh Nocturne in two days time, it should be great fun. It's a tough course with a short but sharp cobbled climb at the start of the lap, hopefully it will make for exciting racing.


BigBoat said:
Sounds like fun... Crit racing that is. I'm gonna do some Super Week crits this year! 100k over 1 mile "squares" lol. Not all of tem though. LOL

it was.. first time in this country, in over 20 years there has been the opportunity to see circuit racing in the city centre (well for me anyway).. i reckon it could catch on.. ;)

Exeter is on itv4 tommoro night at 7pm

remaining dates for the brits interested..
Woking - 2nd June (tuesday)
Peterborough - 4th June (thursday)
Blackpool - 9th June
Southport - 11th June
Stoke On Trent - 16th June
Colchester - 18th June
Chester - 23rd June
Southend - 25th June


yeay.. we are a brief blur on the telly.. :D

im not even going to attempt to tell anyone where to look..