Video interview with Floyd Landis

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Jul 22, 2009
fatandfast said:
Now Landis says he took one year to figure out the relationship between Lance and the UCI. He was faster on what the business plan of CTS was based on. Some data he saw on the WWW compared to what he and Lance actually rode that day. He also knows how often Lance spoke to the folks at CTS and he concluded it was a scam.
His story is more refined than ever.
This case seems to have a lot of circumstantial evidence, but no smoking gun (that is solid).

Ie, several ex-employees, friends, etc, who overheard or saw suspicious activity.

With no positive tests and no 'being caught redhanded', won't this be sort of hard to prove?

Just asking ......
Jun 15, 2009

Don´t know the country you´re living in. But if only hard evidence is allowed there, tell me which one is it. It must be paradise island. I wanna shift there.

Any other country, even in democracies, circumstancial evidence is on the agenda on daily basis. Be it murder cases, fraud cases, or whatever.

So if 8 riders saw Armstrong doping, plus all the other circumstancial evidence (HemAssist, testo, Epo-99-Samples, etc., etc.), Armstrong will have a real hard time to win this case.

Got it ??
Jun 13, 2010
ludwig said:
It looks like Landis may be remembered for whistle-blowing as much as for winning the Tour and his doping scandal. At this point Landis is an ATG whistle blower, and hopefully he'll get some credit for it the next time there is a mass round of confessions and/or a "new start" for the sport.

Landis says Bruyneel thought of himself as "really the team doctor" and "liked to orchestrate it all" lol.

Carmichael was "a complete smoke-screen, not a coach at all". Ferrari was Lance's real coach.
Anyone with an IQ over 75 and pulse above 25 who has met CC was able to see this after a three minute conversation with him.