Teams & Riders Vincenzo Nibali discussion thread

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cineteq said:
So Wiggins didn't start? :eek: What about Henao? If you said it was a weak before the Giro started, maybe I'll give you that. ;)

If we are to messure Nibali's strenght as a winner, we must judge him by the competitors he bested on the course. Wiggins did abandon. Henao is great, but was a casualties of the SKY tactics.


Jun 8, 2013
Nibali's dominance and the certainty with which he won the Giro are telling that he has what it takes to win a GT against the best riders.
If he repeats the Giro performance in Spain and later in Florence, that would be very reliable confirmation of his potential.
all_in said:
Sky can put a team much better than Astana.Froome,Henao,Porte,Kennaugh and Astana will have no chance.The only one who can beat Froome in next year TdF(depends on parcours) is Quintana imo.And probably Contador if he will be back to his old level(I doubt it).

It's not about the strength on paper. We have all seen what Sky can do. Beating a dead horse Wiggins in Giro until it's too late for Uran, letting Froome ride alone for 100 Km in stage 9 this LeTour, letting the same leader loose more than a minute in a flat stage same Tour, blowing up on the first hill in Vuelta yesterday. Sky relies only in the superpowers of Froome and Porte.
As for Quintana, he's a worse TTer than Nibali and have less experience as a leader in GTs. On the mountain I doubt he can distance Nibali decisively.
May 19, 2011
I believe Nibali can beat Froom with ease in this shape:p:D
Carols said:

I'm sure he didn't want it today, just wanted to finish with the contenders. Hope he can give it away to a sprint team for a few days at least.

no worries for my man Nibali-his mind & soul are at ease;) He well knows the "real Vuelta starts on the 8th Stage where the first real MTF appears....
Pricey_sky said:
I think he should stick to pink and red. Quintana's a better climber and Froome is a better TT'er as well as being on Nibali's level in the mountains to get the yellow.

Much can happen by next year; witness Wiggins and Contador :) Race isn't over until it's finished.......

But Red than Rainbow first!!!
Apr 10, 2011
It's not that unlikely.

However I agree, Froome is similar climbing level, if not better, and better TT'er generally.
Quintana is much better climber, poorer TT'er which could balance.

Can't seee him winning Tour with those 2 around.

And from his power data from Giro, as I read, his numbers were imporved from last year, but did not match last year's Froome power data yet. So that's definitely a sign to me he's not yet ready.

Giro, Vuelta and Worlds is better for him, and cold make him a future legend if he keeps winning them.


Mar 29, 2011
Only a die-hard Nibali's fan can give Nibali & Froome parity at climbing based on the Giro primarily. The guy put 15-20 sec per km into the field twice in the Tour. What the hell Nibali has got to do with that, with his childish fight against Uran and Betancur??? In this matter even my most ardent antagonists like Miburo and Hitch would support me.
May 16, 2013
Froome 9,5
Nibali 8,5


Froome 8
Nibali 9

tactical intelligence

Froome 6
Nibali 7

weather(rain or hot or snow or could)

Froome 7
Nibali 8,5

Froome 9
Nibali 8

Froome. He was clearly the strongest rider in the tour,yet risked much and needlessly in the second Pyrenean it saved only because Valverde ran already a podium place.

Another point in favor of nibali is the weather.
at the end of the speech, my opinion is that Froome is stronger, Nibali the most complete
Nov 26, 2012
number0 said:
my opinion is that Froome is stronger, Nibali the most complete

have to agree on that. But Nibali actually too a while to get to where he is right now. he had spent a lot of time in liquigas trying to get into GC competition without much of a support. If he was part of a wealthy setup like Sky, he might have already done a couple of doubles by now.