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Teams & Riders Vincenzo Nibali discussion thread

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I've recovered somewhat. 2020 his first pro year without a win :cry:. I'll be waiting anxiously until next year to see what he has to offer. Hopefully age 36 is better than 35! In the meantime he needs to sharpen his teeth and get his fins groomed! Hope lives on!

I consider 2011 for his first pro year without a win, because I still count Alberto's achievements in 2011. May Vincenzo use these few months to take a mental break and start the next year with a fresh mind.
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Not having a single win in 2020 is not a big deal considering he couldn't feature in enough races, what is worrying was how far he was from the podium in a pretty open Giro field. It's the first time Nibali fails so badly in a GT he intends to win since... Vuelta 2011 maybe ?

That said, we probably shouldn't write him off now that I think about it. Vincenzo was quite far from the win, but not miles off like for example Andy Schleck in 2013 or Chris Froome right now. There's still a bit of hope. He may never win a GT again but he can still be a big factor, like Contador in his last two Vuelta appearances for instance.
Anyway he looks very relaxed in interviews compared to 4-5 years ago. He seems at peace with his career and I guess he doesn't feel like he needs to prove anything. He also said something like: "at times I do things in training that I don't really understand and I feel like I'm missing something..."

#SlongoOut ?
Apparently he told Slongo in June that he wanted to ride the Tour before the Giro to ride himself into shape, but Slongo convinced him not to do that.:rolleyes:
Would that it were so. There are several reasons, ie the new kids on the block. When they go on the Roche aux faucons, nibali is imho likely to be found wanting. Stamina he has, but a kick to follow Ala et al, not so much.

He needs a team that makes the race hard, bad weather and going before de Roche aux Faucons. He needs to go solo. There are still good riders without a contract for next year, so I hope Trek will take some action.
I'm hoping he does a superpeak around Liege, then take a break and going to the Tour for stage wins and after that the Olympics.
Apparently he told Slongo in June that he wanted to ride the Tour before the Giro to ride himself into shape, but Slongo convinced him not to do that.:rolleyes:

The strange thing to me is that he was actually comparatively okay in Milano Sanremo and Il Lombardia if he was so behind on Giro prep a few weeks later. But maybe that's just how differently he performs in one day races and stage races.

While he could focus more on one day races, the truth is they're simply not that suited to him either, and he's not really gonna be competitive in those without an improvement that would see him more competitive in the Giro anyway.

Will we finally get rid of Slongo?!

But yeah #slongoout. We are grateful for some very fine years and results, but it's past the time to pull the plug.

Scenes when they get someone else and suddenly Antonio becomes a worldbeater
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