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Press conference today:

I don't feel the vibrations, but the potholes will certainly be better avoided. The regions that host the Giro usually resurface their roads or at least work to improve them in view of our passage as well as for city use, and this comforts me".
Hopefully that is true on the two stages with gravel roads! He should excel there, but his wrist could take a beating :(

The wrist that was broken has been reforged!
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Short interview by Ciro in the Gazzetta, here are some interesting bits:

Why didn’t you rule out yourself of the fight for the overall standings?

"The form is a question mark, I miss the comparison in the race. We'll see what to do as we go along. It was worth it to burn the time and be here, there was a desire not to throw away all the work done. At the last training camp in the Teide I felt I was doing well.

" I didn't care of the selection, but not out of indifference, I was super-focused on my recovery and I spoke often with team manager Luca Guercilena. At first glance it is not an 'all for one' team focused on the ranking. More of an attacking team.”

Surprised than Antonio wasn’t selected?

"Maybe so, I don't know. I don't know what to say about that. Antonio was going strong, he had shown that. But I didn't made the choices."

On retiring

"It fits as a reflection. We are all going through a difficult time in our lives. To continue or not... Only I can decide what to do or not to do. I don't have to be told by others. If they tell me 'why don't you stop', I might answer 'mind your own business'." So what, Rebellin? Choices. Anyway, I'm going on step by step, I haven't set anything in mind (who knows him well tends to say that he will be in the group also in 2022: now the first option seems Astana, ndr).