Teams & Riders Vincenzo Nibali discussion thread

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he won against peraud and (a very young) pinot

there was a lot of more damage there than just two
Not really, only Talansky also crashed and he wasn't podium material. Valverde and Tjvg finished behind the podium, Bardet also, Porte did Porte things, Zubeldia pulled a Zubeldia and Rabo tried to put as many guys as possible inside the top 10.
Ok, I forgot about Purito's but he was still not fully recovered from his Giro crash.
Reactions and some interesting comments:

"I brought the skin home", but it gets harder and harder to do that if you keep it up. I'm not hiding, I was scared. There's only so much to tell. The pace, the speed, the dangers, the narrow roads. Everyone is going fast, everyone wants to be in front but it's impossible. There are no escape routes. I saved myself a few times, I planted a brake and I said to myself 'that's it'... But then I managed to pass. There are so many dangers. It's a physical battle. Compared to the Giro, I feel very good, even in my head. I'm confident, let's see".

"If there's an off day, l'll see how to manage it. Whether to let it go or hang in there. In the meantime, I'm there, now I don't feel like 'quitting' the GC"