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Jun 19, 2009
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_yngve_ said:
If they guy would only suck it up and admit it, and show some freakin humility he'd find folks far more willing to accept him back into the fold.

Few of the stars of cycling count humility as a positive attribute, unfortunately.
Yes, and other than being a much more exciting rider and a lot more honest in appraisal of his own abilities Vino is as much of blot on the landscape of cycling as Armstrong.

1. He's a hero to a lot of people in Kazakhstan.

2. He got the government behind him.

3. He has a lot of influence in the cycling federation.

4. He basically controls team Astana.

He's not some doping schmuck who can be black-balled ala Rasmussen.
ingsve said:
It's very dangerous to assume things without having some sort of evidence. That's why people spend millions on homeopathy and acupuncture etc. They assume that it works just because someone says so but if they actually looked at the facts they would see that it doesn't work at all.

I can't simply assume that everyone is doping because people claim that everyone is doping. I am 100% sure that there are people who are currently not getting caught but I can't know who without actual proof. Doing so would be equivalent to believing in conspiracy theories.

I'm not saying that people are definately clean either but that has to be the null hypothesis until proven otherwise.

Live a little man. Go on, don't be affraid, it's ok. Form an opnion based on the evidence. No one will place you under charge. Oh, but there's no evidence? Really? Where the hell have you been living since the Festina Affair? Are you blind, because you can't see? Or just an utter moron?

And I have to say your assumptions only demonstrate that you are living in a box and are seriously out of touch with reality. I'd consider seeking psychological therapy. Besides this you know nothing about cycling, while spatting out a bunch of naive and thoroughly annoying nonesense.

And no, you are wrong, forming such an opinion isn't dangerous without personally handeling the documents and a bag full of siringhes, because I'm not a judge in court. But I've been around the block in this sport a few times, as have many here.

PS. There may be few riders in the peleton who are relatively clean, but none, absolutely none, make it to Paris on pane ed acqua ("bread and water") alone. ;)