Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana 2020, Spain, February 5 - February 9

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I read it on Movistar's website with their translation. He said he didn't know the finish (only seen it on TV). That he shouldn't have following Moscon when he went and that the headwind was stronger than he thought it was. Basically he says he screwed up.
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That’s a very impressive win, He beat Valverde, Teuns, Martin on a puncheur’s finish. The club of riders who have done that consists almost entirely of high level puncheurs. Of course it’s early season so form is very uneven, but Valverde at least is never in truly bad form.
Groenewegen camouflaging himself as a Bahrain rider... Or maybe I'm just stupid, and didn't think to look at the helmet...
He switched yellow for orange as the combined leader or something of the sort.

Also apparently Jack Haig is now the overall leader, even though there are 7 riders on same time as him, for example Pogacar and Valverde. Apparently they wanted to add in bonus seconds in this race but then decided not to.

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Good for Jakobsen's morale this sprint.
Yeah that time Groenewegen beat him through timing not by going markedly faster. In fact Jakobsen was closing when they were both in the wind at the end. Still though I’d say winning again wasn’t bad for Groenewegen’s morale either.

Top quality Dutch sprinters are like busses, wait ages and then two come along at once.

I don’t have much to justify this beyond their ages and a hunch, but I expect Jakobsen to end up even faster than Grnwgn. Obviously Dylan currently has the edge, but Fabio has been exceptionally fast very young.
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