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Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 2023, March 20-26

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Seriously different riders come of age at different rates. It’s not like this guy has been pack fodder. We all knew he was a supremely talented climber.
He already looked really good in the 2021 Giro before that crash. Then he rushed back and did 2 stage races to somehow hold shape/built it back up for the Olympics and rode Donostia and the Vuelta afterwards (before his DNF). Last year he had to postpone his pre-Giro altitude camp because he had Bronchitis (he was on antibiotics) and was clearly not ready for the Giro, despite his stage win. He still rode the Tour afterwards and wasn't bad during the 2nd half of the race, but not in peak shape.

Bad luck and questionable choices when it came to his schedule have been a thing over the last 2 seasons and in 2020 he had Covid in late August to mess up his Giro prep...
A bit dissapointed by both Rogla and Remco, I thought they would gap the others. I am not sure if it was the gradient or Rogla had to break his cadence because of the tightness of the last curve, but that cost him the win today. In any case it was not a good showing from him, I just hope he was saving himself for the efforts to come. Well done to Ciccone.

On another note, WTF was that from Sepp, what a dumb move.
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About UAE, I don't know if it is deliberate, but there really is no team. It's basically every rider for himself. At least there is no hierarchy between the big names. They have to fight it out on the road by themselves. It has been like that in many other races now. Funnily it really kind of suits Almeida's general style very well. He rides for nobody, nobody rides for him, he's just doing his thing and pace, whether a comet falls down or a fairy appears.