Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 2023, March 20-26

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Looks like they gave up on the intermediate sprints. I was doubting the idea becuase basically you waste domestiques that can help make the circuit harder

This is literally me watching the PCS live feed:

First of all let’s leave family out of it. You don’t know me.

Secondly, I never said it wasn’t the smart thing, I actually said multiple times I understood why Roglic did what he did. I’m saying he’s boring to watch and a potato because of it.
It seems to me he is only boring to Remco fans. I, for example, love the way he races. Also, he is being smart not a potato (whatever that means, but I am sure it is an insult).
So...what's the page record on non GT stage races? Are we there?

I want to be part of history.
Dauphine 2016. Has like 40 pages more.

May sound weird, but we used to have stage threads for these races as well.

There's stages like the LEGENDARY Tour de Suiss 2011 TT with 25 pages, which is basically just 10 pages of outrage at Leipheimer winning