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Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 2023, March 20-26

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Could be a fine race if the final day is/was harder. But they get the crowds.

Soler should be a GC contender for this race every year. I used to tout him as a GT contender too...I really don't think UAE cares very much about any race that Pog isn't in, which is OK, I guess.

Roglic in great shape; Remco too. Not much to choose between the two of them at this point in the season. I do think that Remco looks a lot snappier than he used to be, so his sprint isn't a liability anymore. Slowly but surely he's filling in the gaps in his arsenal. Next up: Tactics.
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Battle royale in Catalunya is over. Congrats to both heroes! To Primoz on winning the race and to Remco on winning the stage and making the show today. The Bullet Man is incredible on such terrain (mix of high-speed riding and climbs), the main group had no chance to catch him when he attacked. Primoz obviously on his wheel (he had some turns as well), the rest was left behind. At the end Primoz, surely respecting Remco's great effort today, didn't fight and the Belgian won the stage (it was well deserved though).