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Vona Fong:the bridge of Western and Chinese Piano culture

Jul 5, 2009
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Well-known piano educator Vona Fong:the bridge of Western and Chinese Piano culture
---By MorningPost Johnson Smith

Now, the Western music institutions which enroll students in China, increasingly need to be helped by the Well-known piano educator Vona Fong. Vona Fong will take 60,000,000 huge fund to treat the 4000 musical instrument stores’ bosses and teaching managers, 8000 First-line full-time Piano teachers who have made outstanding contributions on the piano universal education for free(traffic , bed and breakfast for free),in The Europa International Piano Festival which she will hold in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, and millions of piano students will be affected by that; in the hinderland which have the world most potential and radiation force of piano music, performing arts , education training ,leisure and cultural consumption; in the hinderland of bead triangle which is the biggest resources consumption market center and resources investor gathers in, and have the most gold content of audience groups; The use of the rare and the world's ultra-large-scale venues( about 560,000 square meter) and facilities for advanced professional; It’s the Piano Festival which the world's largest piano stakeholders to participate in the scene.
In this Piano Festival, she will also hold the Chinese only ,early and largest scale arts programs show; Huge amount of money to build the world's largest trading platform for performing arts programs; and the world's most popular musical instrument exhibition, the use of the rare and the world's ultra-large-scale venues and facilities for advanced professional.
Well-known piano educator Vona Fong,is the founder of various academic levels of modern piano education, the innovative symbolic figure of high-end piano education and composition published field, commissioned by the large investment institutions to invest Management College of Music and other related scientific research and educational institutions.
Over the past decade, Well-known piano educator Vona Fong,is the founder of various academic levels of Chinese piano education, China's First Piano qualifying education tuition fees,and long-term widely recognized by high-end education market,a leader of high-end piano education and publication field. Her students come from more than 25 wealthy Forbes family and the family group of Chinese high-ranking officials.
She also is one of a small number piano educators who do not willing to be bother ed by the outside world, Chinese media reporters who want to have an interview with her, need to go through the difficult appointment procedures of arrangements; However, Vona Fong,she willing to spend a lot time to exchange with the foreign counterparts.
She do hard to find a common language in the piano world for Chinese culture. In the Village of remote provinces, farmers are willing to accept the concept of her piano, and use Chinese musical instruments such as erhu fiddle, bamboo to accompaniy with piano, She composed for these people and teach them how to keep on.
Even so, She is still denounced as " the Queen's musician of rich man ",not to the general public services, by the local people of Guangdong Province, the most developed provinces in China. Because her too high admission standards, the vast majority of applying parents have been refused,so some of the refused officials threatened to "kill her ", and want to cast her out of the Pearl River Delta Region.
“I want to hold some large-scale special piano recital of Liszt, Rachmaninoff,and these tracks do need the specific level of groups to appreciate.” Some frustration that Vona Fong, “In fact, I also hope that more people could achieve the degree; but it may require a process. ”
Qiuhua,International Affairs Assistant, responsible for assisting Vona Fong, to hold large scale activities and international exchange,accept foreign media’s network channels interview, such as by e-mail interview. “I hope more people can help me to do these things,then I might save some time,” Vona Fong said with a smile. She is a simple, cheerful, approachable teacher,and more and more Westerners are willing to deal with more Chinese people through her.