Vuelta a Burgos 2015

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No_Balls said:
Taxus4a said:
But you must understand that in la Vuelta the leader is Nibali and seoncd leader is Aru, Landa will leave Astana and thay are not interesting too much on his leadership.

And in Burgos he losed time in the TTT, there are 4 riders in GC better in GC. and someone has to work.
He is not a in bad shape as he showed in San Sebastian or doing 10 in Clunia. For him is similar to be 10 in Clunia that to climb better than Contador Mortirolo.
Yes but leadership in Astana doesnt mean much as we saw in the Tour and as someone joked about earlier "Vino tosses a coin on which will be leaders each stage". Nibali is kind of a unknown shape (could go either way) and Aru looks worringly good too early. Besides the situation for him (leaving Astana) is a good incitament of doing a great race and show both new employees and his old team they betted on the right horse. It would be the normal thing to do turning up your best why i expect great things.

Loosing time on a TTT was to be expected. His time-trial regardless of shape is going from bad to worse and i wouldnt expect any different in this time of preparation.
Nibali was always the leader of astana in le Tour, and Aru was always the leader in il Giro, the onketive was pidium with him.

I dont know what you mean.

Of course if Nibali is not in his best shape and Landa is again stronger than Aru, what is possible, things could change, but anyway Landa is going to worl from the begining, and if you work some stages you have really difficult to be in GC. Landa didnt work in the TTt in il Giro, he was always the last one, he didnt take a pull, so that means he was protected, He was the leader in Burgos but the did some pulls at the begining and when he drop, the team didnt stop nor a second to allow him to get the team in the descent...

Landa worked in the Giro but just at the end of the stages, when just were there Porte, contador and Aru, and uran one day.. it is a work that you dont lose a lot and you can show how strong you are, so, almost doenst counts.

In la Vuelta is even possible that Landa pull in the TTT and he lose later time in just 8 Km...That way it doent matter in you later are the stronger of the team or even of the race, you have to help your leader to be 4th and you will finished 40th in GC.