Vuelta a España 2019 stage 19: Ávila - Toledo > 165.2 km

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Movistar DS Arrieta pretty much accused the UCI of giving carte blanche to the team cars via race radio to motorpace everybody back into the peloton. Which is pretty scandalous if true.
Might not be in the rules but definitely mostly right that so many riders should not be punished for getting caught up in an incident. Total *** move for Movistar to drive the pace when they were not one of the teams on the front of the peloton prior to the crash.
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Bit of a stupid outburst by Lopez
  1. Whatever you think about Valverde he is much liked in the peloton
  2. Wait to see what happened before shouting your mouth off
  3. Soler said the DS told them where to ride before the crash started
  4. Valverde seemed to call a halt to the attack
  5. Watch Movistar v Astana now ...forget Red
haha! I totally missed that part. You're right, that would be juicy. Though, I think Bennett's beef is more with Bora than Sagan at this point. He would have known Sagan get's all the races he wants.
There has never been any tension between the two at least none visible from outside the team. They have done a few early season races together and attempted not very successfully to take a turn leading each other out. The one and only time Ackermann and Bennett were in the same squad, they knocked together, screwing up both of their attempts to sprint and nearly caused a big crash. Bora wisely didn’t try that a second time.


Sep 11, 2017
No doubt. There hasn’t been a guy who is one of the very fastest flat big bunch sprinters while also simultaneously being one of the very best uphill and tough race sprinters in quite a while. Everybody else is only genuinely top tier at one or the other.
Well I guess you could argue that there is that 3x World Champion racing on his own team, Peter something?
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