Vuelta a España 2019 stage 19: Ávila - Toledo > 165.2 km

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Peloton was just one MVdP away from catching Cavagna.

Nice shots of the camo helicopter btw, it got more air time than the bunch in the last 20 km.
I don't understand why that chopper got so much air time. If close enough to the riders wouldn't it have caused some cross-winds that nobody really needed at the time?

Happy for Cavagna, though. Glad the kid made it all the way to the finish.
In a strictly rational world, Movistar (or any other team for that matter) had every right to utilize the advantage offerred to them by riders crashing. It is then another matter how they would feel about (or how the fans would look at) victory achieved thanks to such incident.

Obviously, fair play angle is not taken into account in strict rational consideration, because fair play principles are based on an emotional side of things. And it may be tricky to apply the fair play to crashes - what if the crash isn't caused by misfortune, but rather by reckless and risky riding or poor bike handling? Should also crashes caused in this way qualify for fair play policy of not attacking?
The best all round sprinter in the world right now?
No doubt. There hasn’t been a guy who is one of the very fastest flat big bunch sprinters while also simultaneously being one of the very best uphill and tough race sprinters in quite a while. Everybody else is only genuinely top tier at one or the other.

He has had really subpar team support in this race though. On his own all day in the forty man break two days ago. Not given a chance to contest the win today when one man was out front alone. It’s not as if they’ve been strong for Majka either, he’s been left to his own devices too.