Vuelta a España 2019 stage 21: Fuenlabrada - Madrid > 105.6km

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I guess that answers any questions about Valverde doing any sprinting today!! They are all guzzling beer!! And the guy proposing to his fiancee in the BH team car!!omg..get that guy a new helmet and a shot of tequila!!!!
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Why even having this processionary ASO thing here... should be named Funebrada-Champs de Toreadores... anything would be better, final TT, hilly stage or proper "flat" stage with at least some little difficulties so that we can have at least a break (I understand there are none around Paris, but here...?), few laps in the city at the end can be included, no problem (to attract crowds)
I just realized why I watch such an uneventful stage—it’s sort of like watching the athletes stroll into the stadium at the closing ceremony for the Olympics. I don’t care about the actual ceremonies but I’ve been following their stories for two to three weeks, the good & bad, and watching that ceremony or this stage is my seeing the story through to the end, and signing off until next year (or 4 years).
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