Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 10 (Castro Urdiales › Suances 185 km)

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Kudos to G. Martin btw.

Not the most talented of the bunch but damn, he's trying to make the most of it. Not afraid to animate the race unlike some other clowns.
He came into the Vuelta without expectations, if I recall, and shipped a lot of time. But he's clawing his way back to his typical 11th, as someone of these years I think he'll grab a top 5 in a GT or at least a big weeklong race. Plus, you know, philosopher.
What really surprises me is that Mareczko came in only 1'29" behind and Sam Bennett ended up the last, almost 13 minutes down... I hope it won't backfire tomorrow for Mareczko and he gets in under the OTL... He is currently valiantly defending laterne rouge!
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Did Roglic surprise everybody? Or no one had enough in the tank to keep up?

I feel Rog is probably super confident about the weekend. I wonder if the peloton knows that Carapaz doesn't have it in him to mount a challenge (esp taking the ITT into account).
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