Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 10 (Castro Urdiales › Suances 185 km)

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Honestly what finishes isnt he almost unbeatable now bar flat stages.

Winning 1km at 6%
12km climb final sections 8%
climbs between 4-10km winning
Steep climbs 50-50 winning
probably could destroy Ala on Fleche if he wanted to
Any finish that involves a change of wardrobe.

They should find a TT route where instead of a bike change, there's a weather change. Just as you round the corner onto the coast, the temperature drops 15C, for a 10km stretch, and everyone needs to put on a jacket.
12 years ago Contador ripped it from really early and only 5 guys finished within 1s of Bettini.

I do think the field for this finish is probably very weak right now.
Yeah, it would've been a very different stage with Alaf, Hirschi, Sagan, Ulissi, Matthews etc, but those guys would be nowhere on other finishes in this race. Also, Stybar won a TdF stage on a similar finish, and he finished 40th.
What??? So, who is in red now?
So it's finally Roglic in red. The committee decided that the original 3-second gap should stand because the finish was not a flat sprint, so the new rules about time gaps would not apply (counting only gaps of 3 seconds or more between the last rider in the first group and the first rider in the next group). Since it was "uphill," they decided the original gaps should apply.