Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 11 (Villaviciosa › Alto de La Farrapona. Lagos de Somiedo 170km)

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It's a problem of the dissonance that the 3" rule doesn't apply on uphill finishes, but yesterday's finish wasn't classified as a climb yet was quite demonstrably uphill to enough of an extent to create gaps, and frankly a finish like that makes the 3" rule a joke as how the hell Roglič and those at the front can't be assessed as having opened up a time gap on that finish is beyond me. However, if the rules state that the finish has to be a categorised climb for the 3" rule to not apply (in which case, what of races like the Benelux Tour that don't have a mountains classification?) then it should be applied and that would give Carapaz the jersey back. If that were to be correct, however, then the finish would make a mockery of the rule (although the Vuelta could easily rectify this by introducing 4th category climbs, which they don't have).
There was clearly a gap, it was electronically timed and the electronic timer proved that there was a gap
I understand that Froome is used to not following the rules, but this is one of the rare occasions where the rules are not broken to favor Sky/Ineos
I also understand that the riders don't want to finish in the dark but delaying the start then finishing in a huge gruppetto 2 hours behind the leaders doesn't help your cause
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