Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 3 (Lodosa - La Laguna Negra-Vinuesa, 166.1 km)

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Roglic looks good but he's far from his Tour level. In the Tour he'd be blowing past everyone on these finishes but here he's slightly less strong but quite clever, making others chase Kuss to get just a bit of an edge. Hopefully we continue to see Kuss attack like this in the mountains.

Carapaz actually looks like he might be the strongest but so far Roglic has beat him every day so even if he is he's not taking advantage. I imagine Roglic will take around a minute on him in the TT so Carapaz will have to crack Roglic at some point.

Also, I'm calling it now: Clément Champoussin will be the man to end the French drought in GTs. Feel free to dig up this post after the 2028 Tour.