Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 3 (Lodosa - La Laguna Negra-Vinuesa, 166.1 km)

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Nah. In the book his girlfriend wrote about the Vuelta she said he is cursed on stages 20 of Grand Tours. In 2017 Tour he had a mechanical during the TT where he was one of the favourites to win, in 2018 he dropped off the podium, in 2019 Giro he also fell of the podium (though he got it back next day) and well, we all know what happened this year in the Tour on stage 20. Luckily, this Vuleta does not have a stage 20, so all is well haha.
It's in the bag so.

Luckily too the race stays away from Girona otherwise Martin would show Rog his trophy cabinet
Did you see Dan Martin win today and did you also notice Sean Kelly not over hyping him all the way up the last 10km or making it all about him while insultingly ignoring better placed riders.

No cause Sean is a class act and I hope Hatch gets the sack after today
Sean is a bit of an outlier though by commentator standards. He is very, very restrained about his favourites and rarely brings nationality into it. Most commentators do a bit of home cheerleading and that’s bearable within limits. Hatch went beyond those limits today to the point that he was starting to poison me against TGH. I don’t want him to get sacked over it but I do hope someone tells him to tone it down a bit.
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The re-routing of the Tourmalet stage makes this a breakaway day - No point GC teams pushing the issue on such a stage.
And when is supposed Carapaz or Mas to take time on Roglic? ITT? There are only 4 stages apart from that one where they can try break him and neither of them is hard enough imo.
Fantastic news. From an overhyped, oversaturated climb which never delivers what it should to a terrible climb that always delivers more than it ought to.

Kinda hoped that since the Aramón resorts were paying we'd get Cerler to see if we're really back in the 90s, but this will do. We get way too much of the Tourmalet in French races, without it poisoning Spanish ones too.

In before Toby explains their love for the Tourmalet and that this is reason #485 why I am a terrible human being ;)
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