Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 8 (Logroño > Alto de Moncalvillo, 164 km)

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Feels very much like Richie has to force a fight with Rogla here and test whether he can put him deep enough that he either builds his buffer or he can do it again on Angliru

If Soler's allowed to go he could contend again, but it might be teams are a bit hotter on him than before.

Otherwise I'll go with a surprise Wout Poels.

That said breaks have been difficult to control and if Kuss and Martin are both actually concentrating on the mountain points we could see another strong one go today
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Roglic looks more robot instead of emotional rider..
don't see him revengeful(sunday) or depressed(Tour)..
Agree this looks like a Roglic x Carapaz finish..

Today, I see either Carapaz putting in more seconds into Roglic or Roglic powering up the MTF with anger to redeem himself for Sunday's clusterf**k, and a boost to his confidence... As for the break, I don't have too much hopes, too soon to tell but I'm still 50/50 for them to be caught...
Clearly we need to shift the calendar.

Italy a couple of weeks later to reduce weather issues, the Tour can be whenever because France will be pretty much fine and La Vuelta once the autumnal colours and greenery starts to creep back in to Spain.

All race timings should be decided solely by aesthetic value imo :D
Vuelta needs to start in mid to late September, when it normally finishes;) The other 2 GTs are fine where they are.