Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2023, stage 14: Sauveterre-de-Béarn - Larra-Belagua, 156.2k

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Well that was boring for GC.
Why bother riding if you're not Jumbo? I don't understand what on earth Bahrain or UAE were trying to do. At least Ayuso actually made an attack, it just was useless and they dropped all their helpers for nothing, but Bahrain just made sure that Jumbo could keep everybody fresh and then everybody sat around letting Attila Valter pace them up the climb and letting the break gain minute upon minute. Just flat out embarrassing.
Do you hate every American athlete?
No. I do, however, hate watching teleshopping, and Eurosport International's XC skiing broadcast is basically a targeted ad campaign for Diggins with them making every race solely about her and cheerleading her as though there are no other athletes on the snow, making excuses for any time she doesn't win and shouting "COME ON JESS!" like a bunch of adolescent fanboys.

Evelyn Stevens and Katie Hall, for example, were riders I was very fond of.