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Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2023, stage 14: Sauveterre-de-Béarn - Larra-Belagua, 156.2k

Nothing really matters, anyone can see... nothing really matters, but bees.

My apologies if I'm being salty, I was hyped for this stage from the moment it was first rumoured a full year ago. But after today, no more.



Look at how beautiful this stage is. Hourcère for the second time ever and Larrau for the first time since 2007 - in any race, not even talking about the Vuelta. It's a fantastic pairing for long-range attacks, then back into Spain for a MTF up the easy side of Pierre-Saint-Martin, stopping just below the summit at Larra-Belagua amidst beautiful karst landscapes. This design deserves so much more than the GC situation we have, it really is a crying shame that the race is decided before not just this stage, but also the second- and third-coolest designs of the race.




Too bad the GC is settled. Had this stage needed to be a great stage, it could have been one for the ages.

Breakaway and next to no GC action.

In terms of 'GC action', we're totally at the mercy of Jumbo's DS pre-stage decisions.

If they say 'no action', there will be no action. If they say 'Jonas attacks long range', he'll attack. Etc.

Do Ayuso & Mas look like the sort of riders who're going to blow the race apart? I don't think so.
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