Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2023, stage 14: Sauveterre-de-Béarn - Larra-Belagua, 156.2k

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Roglič needs to conveniently have a bad day & fall off the podium.

Then Jumbo's DS's will give him freedom to go for a long ranger next week where he'll "accidentally" put 5 minutes into everyone (maybe on Evenepoel's wheel when Remco goes on a revenge mission solo ride).

Cycling is easy.
Can anybody make JV's life difficult or will they win the race easily? Ayuso and Mas are strong but likely not enough and are too much behind.
Neither of them have a super strong team either. Ayoso have lost Vine, have a sprinter in his team and I can't really see Soler and Almeida completely sacrifice themself in a raid either. Mas have lost Guerreiro and basically have 5 roleurs and Rubio with him.
A sad state of affairs when we've altered our hopes from 'Evenepoel and UAE look alright and the race is wide open' to 'who knows maybe one of Jumbo will crack and they won't occupy all 3 podium spots!' within the space of a day.
Or, if one is a Jumbo fan, a glorious state of affairs. But yes, I agree the GC battle has lost a lot of luster. Ayuso might yet surprise? ... maybe a little?
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Ayuso likely emptied himself on stage 13. So it would be rather naive to believe he can crack JV on this stage. Likely best to try again in week 3, when Almeida will be healthy. For Mas i don't know. He is rather experienced GT rider. Like Rogla he might have left something in the tank. Some team might try something on the descents. Not missing that could make sense. We'll see.
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I think it's settled for a Jumbo winner; all three of those guys aren't going to crack. Other than that, we agree!
Probably but I still think Ayuso has more to show, he’s less than a minute down on Roglic and Vingegaard, and has had a slew of bad circumstances including illness and back pain but has never had a proper bad day. He could have a Pogacar ‘20 moment but just staying hopeful for something other than Jumbo dominance.
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Another JVT 1, 2, 3 but in different order