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Waiting for the Vuelta

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Mar 10, 2009
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Mellow Velo said:
It's doesn't carry the nickname, "The Wall", for nothing.
Remember Fabio Roscioli, in 2000?
He hit the climb with a lead of 6 or 7 minutes and it's not a long climb.
Yet, he was caught by Eladio Jimenez, within metres of the top, having rode the final couple of kms, at a snail's pace, weaving from one side of the road, to the other.

Unfortunately, having looked, I can't find it on the "Tube".
However, these "clubbies" give an impression of what it's like:-

Great vid.

Funny, it never looks really steep, but the fact that they are pedalling backwards - that second guy was doing minus 2mph and the third guy affectionately called Pantani with his weird bars was overtaken by a snail - reveals something. They should probably not have chosen the 39x26 gear and perhaps lost some weight ;)

These guys are only going marginally faster, and the acompanying music is a bucketload of fun...


The pros are doing it here in 1998 stage 6 of the Vuelta with a cycling news report from the old box
Jun 22, 2009
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AdK1991 said:
Which of the 2 Garmin climbers will be the best in this years Vuelta?
Danielson or Martin. I read that Danielson had a great tour before this.
But is Martin better than him this year, I read that he just recovered from an injury. So who do you think will be the best Garmin climber, although Danielson is the leader on paper.

personally i don't really rate TD. I think martin should have a free role, allowing to show who the stronger of the two is.