What beer ya drinkin'?

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May 11, 2009
In the UK any beer from York Brewery. In the USA anything from New Belgium Brewery. When driving or bike riding a non-alcoholic beer.
at amsters list: I will vouch for that list. have tried just about every 1 on that list except Newcastle and Guinness but have tried all of the others. and I agree those are terrible. worst on that list is Miller Lite. actually anything Miller is mere pi$$ water.
Aug 9, 2013

Thx 4 asking. If you guys ever visit DR, try it instead of the more sui generis Presidente. Bohemia tastes like Harp, but not quite. It isn't pilsener, which isn't quite feasible in the TROPIC. I hope AFRANK doesn't find any disturbances with this reply, Or RyO 4 that matter. I mean, enough schmuks; You gals are ruining this Forum.
Nov 8, 2012
Boulevard Brewing from St. Louis.

Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale. It's a big beer at 8.5% ABV, mildly hopped, citrusy... slight grapefruit tang and a booming, pillowy head.

My current favorite Saison/Farmhouse ale at the moment.

Just turned 18- which in Aus means I can legally drink :)

Had a relatively mild first few days but went through Pale Ale, Hahn SuperDry (surprisingly good), some home brew, Peroni's and then my cousin's boyfriend got me some craft beers- one of which is called Viking, an Icelandic Pilsner with an Alcohol content of I think 4.5% which was superb.

Now I can officially trawl through these posts as well/ consider what to drink after my next set of exams :(