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What pro cycling sponsors products do you use?

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May 6, 2009
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I once saw a van with a Quick Step sticker on the back, it wasn't for the team, but the sponsor. At work I have Uvex safety googles, who as far as I know are part of company who makes Uvex helmets (like Columbia or FDJ.com use).

I have also flown Virgin Blue, part of Virgin Airways which is where the team Fly V Australia comes from.
Mar 31, 2009
Always take an expresso from a Saeco machine first thing in the morning and had an old pair of Kelme shoes ....

What kind of companies/industries seems to get the best feedback on money spent in your opinion? Tourism, Bank & Insurance, Outdoor?

Where can we get some data about this issues??


flyor64 said:
Fan of the team or not, everyone should try their burrito at least once! fantastic!

They do make a good burrito, a bit expensive, but good none the less.