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whats your power to weight ratio??

Jun 20, 2009
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give a bit of background info about you. am interested to compare to other people around world.
age:17 (dont have to be specific)
build: skinny/medium height
activity level: high (racing at state/national level)
power to weight ratio: 6.14 for 4 min power test
5.45 for 10 min power test
Sep 10, 2009
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37 years old
72 kgs
4.28 w/kg @ 20 min

this is the only watts/kg metric that interests me very much as I love to go up, up up!

this was my first year of dedicated training after a multi-year absence, so i feel pretty good about that.

goal for next year is to drop another 2 kgs (maybe 3, i have room to manouver as at 72 kgs i am at 11% body fat) and with this last full season of training under my belt increase my watts @ threshold by 5%.

lots of hard work to come!
Jul 8, 2009
A couple years ago I trained with a powertap for a few months. That was age 37, and I weighed 72kg and was about 250 watts for just over 17 minutes. That was 24.1mph with my TT bike but no aero wheels or bars on a pancake flat road course with only one sharp turn and no traffic or slowdowns. For comparison, I did 25.1mph with speedsuit, aero wheels and aero helmet (no powertap to compare). Anyway, I guess that's 3 point something power to weight ratio.

I don't have the powertap any more and I have a different bike with a different (probably less aero - it's a long story) position, so I have no idea whether it has changed. I have trained a little differently the past few months - less structure, more speed changes, more rides over an hour - and I am just now getting a little bit faster than I was back then. I've also lost 3kg due to doing more running this year.