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RedheadDane said:
And here's my post-race comment.

I suppose going to the Chicken School of TTing wasn't the smartest choice...
Unfortunately I had the options of that, the Schleck School or the J-Rod School...
But just so you all know! The fight for the Apron ain't over yet!
Sadly it looks like I chose the Schleck School!!!
Jun 22, 2009
craig1985 said:
Probably a MTF with a 15km mountain at 20% the whole way.
5 climbs, Mount Armstrong the last climb followed by a very technical descent :cool: That's stage 10 tho, still got the pancake flat stage next :p
May 6, 2009
We can expect hurricane conditions with riders being blown off the course and ending up in Kansas.

I'm thinking of doing a race myself.
Great race posting!
for awhile I looked ...so,,, good....second ...
but lost my grasp and still in the basement for the shrieking Polka Dot Apron competition which must be the hardest fought battle in the last recorded years in history!

I will be back and tougher next time. :cool:
craig1985 said:
We can expect hurricane conditions with riders being blown off the course and ending up in Kansas.

I'm thinking of doing a race myself.
Looking forward to it!:D

mewmewmew13 said:
That is still a grade better than the Chicken School of TTing :D
Yeah... the Schlecks usually stay on their bikes when TTing. The Schleck School of Descending on the other hand... :rolleyes:


Post race comment: I rode a good race. JV has gotten me to seriously consider what I eat over the winter. I've got some challenges because of my Eskimo heritage in relation to my metabolism, but this is the year that I am going to put things together. I've always ridden with promise, but this year we really concentrated on nutrition basics and improving my TT skills. I will be one of the protected riders, and we will see what happens on the road. I feel great to have finished on the podium. I think this is the year things will really come together for me and the team...
Jun 22, 2009
craig1985 said:
We can expect hurricane conditions with riders being blown off the course and ending up in Kansas.

I'm thinking of doing a race myself.
do it ;)

I think I will retire from my post after the CN, alas to many death threats from various parties ;)
Jun 22, 2009
Tour of CN

Stage 9: Greenedge thread to isgesinksoft

Previous Stages:
Stage 1 -- Stage 2 -- Stage 3 -- Stage 4 -- Stage 5 -- Stage 6 -- Stage 7 -- Stage 8

Stage details: Pancake flat, one for the pure sprinters.

ACF: I can still win this race, maybe I will TT away from the field today, we shall see. Either way everything I do, I do for gillard.
AmsterHammer: I want it this way, and this was only, and if I don’t get my way I'm going to express my displeasure, honest i will!
Airstream: Jesus came back in andy form.

The Race:

With a medium flattish stage ahead riders whom had been quiet in the shadows this tour made for the break. Quixote, Eric9-A, Foxxybrown, 180mmcrank, palmerq, I.Harm, joepapp, goggalor, ChrisE, ramjam, boeing, Valvpiti all apart of the day's breakaway.
Interestingly best pals python and Dr. Maserati were apart of this group also. The group quickly got a decent advantage over the peloton and a heated discussion was occurring between BFF's python and the doc.

Back in the peloton their was a tense feeling, not from the race per se but the rumors and actions surrounding the sport of late. Rumors of a breakaway league had surfaced, indeed Mr. Dim whom had expressed his disgust with the CN and their advertisement system had proposed said league. Many great riders were already leaving the CN league for this new place. Our league and even the CN Tour was at risk after this situation.. La Vuelta a Veloroomo was becoming the a real threat to this great race. Riders like TFF had already walked away from the CN tour for good.

The group at front meanwhile continued a steady pace, doc and python continued their heated discussion whilst ramjab rambled on about cricket. Eric8-A was clearly doing the lion share of the work in this group, really destroying himself while ChrisE aggressive nature lead to constant attacks where he would gain a few meters and drop back in the group.

Back in the peloton there was a relaxed state from the main GC men, however both craig and libertine had men controlling the front of the peloton ensuring the break does not get too much time, they sensed today was a day for them. Froome19 was seen in the peloton swooning over the sky, while Elpickle was showing off a recent addition to his forearm; his Dutch flag tattoo; spine concept in particular was smitten with el pickle and his pro-Dutch attitude.

As the stage entered the final kms of the course, the main group whilst working well together again looked doomed from a fast closing peloton. With just 15km to go they had only 25 seconds on the main bunch, meanwhile Doc Mas and Python had fallen back to the main group some time ago and still continued in a heated argument; echoes of "thank you sir, [Insult here]" followed by ["thank you friend, [insult here]" carried through the wind.

The peloton had quickly swallowed up the remaining men up front and were flying in the final kms, under the kite it was Libertines minions who lead the bunch, Parullo even did a pull for a short time. They rounded the final corner and from the left waterloo shot off the left powering for the line, libertine quickly jumped on his wheel meanwhile Craig attempted to do the same, BUT... ZAM's wheel has slipped and he has caused a massive pile up taking Craig with him!! Carnage!!
Libertine goes around waterloo who clearly went too early and powers to one of the easiest wins in his career, once again he produces the staple celebration, a tribute to his mentor bob stapleton.

Back amongst the crash there are some casualties, whilst Craig is battered and bruised he should be fine for tomorrow. El Chingon looks like he's in a lot of pain, holding his collarbone, but he rolls over the line and will head straight to the clinic for tests. Jobiwan is unsurprisingly amongst the carnage again, while the protagonist zam has left the site unscratched... ACF IS THERE!! he looks to be in a lot of pain, he is on the floor holding his leg... this looks bad... One stage after winning the biggest race in his life ACF is forced to quit the race! Incredible! It looks like a broken leg, tough luck.

1) Libertine 2) Waterloo surprise 3) Barrus 4) Ryaguas 5) Thirteen
1) The Hitch 2) Ferminal 3) Havetts 4) The Youngest 5) Parullo 6) Boomcie 7) RYO 8) Brodeal 9) Hrotha 10) DT 11) Roundabout 12) MVDB
1) Luckyboy 2) Ferminal 3) Ryo 4) Havetts 5) Aussie Goddess
1. Libertine2. Craig 3. Waterloo surprise 4. Ferminal 5. Zam
1) thirteen 2) Redheaddane 3)Thirteen 4)Laflorecita 5)Mewmewmew
Team: Mafioso

Libertine: Hey Craig, learn to stay on your bike. Loser!
Zam: I am sorry, viva Italia!
Craig: On one hand it is disappointing, winning the sprint jersey will be difficult, luckily libertine is a one show pony so the final stage presents some opportunities.
I'd like to say that I'm glad to see Parrulo has swallowed his pride a little and done his REAL job for once, although he's lucky that Craig's sprint got baulked as the turn he did was not long enough for a rider of his power executing all their strength towards getting me a sprint victory... not that it matters, as Craig wouldn't have been able to come around me and get the victory, because I rule.