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Who's the most aesthetically pleasing rider?

i.e. fully united with machine, pedals with power and souplesse, perfect form, position, technique.

Who's your pick, past and present?

I'll go with:

Past - Hinault (looked so good churning out the power on a big gear).
Van Hooydonck (Youtube him at Flanders - long legs, flat back, on the hoods, pedaling beautifully)

Present - probably Nibali (looks great, long cranks or short...)

There's going to be Froome and Zakarin jokes, so I'll just mention them straight up....
Contador without any doubt, an absolute treat for the eyes whenever he starts dancing on those pedals!
I like Nibali as well, but it always seems like he has some sort of a beer gut when he pedals (I know it is not the case, it is just the way he breathes).

rick james said:
Always thought Wiggins on a TT bike looked amazing

Yes ...amasing on a TT bike ...so fluid
Also CHAVA looks great on a TT bike

On the road Valvere & Purito always looked good to me...Landa looks good too and Boonen

Not good are Froome (posture terrible) , Contador (head and body slung to the side ..looks in pain) Aru , Vockleur , Dan Matin,

LaFlorecita said:
Rolland, Fuglsang, Boonen, Contador, Dumoulin.
I think Dumoulin looks kind of strange on a bike. His style doesn't look as if it would suit such a tall rider. One would expect that he uses an extremely high gear when he attacks but it's the opposite.

I love Landa's style and I think Valverde looks great too.