Who's the most aesthetically pleasing rider?

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Yeah forgot about Squalo. Looked great on cobbles as well, and I love how he can just ride in a peloton in tt position on his road bike. Also, when he's going really deeply, he's not grimacing or anything, he just starts squinting. You can just see his eyes slowly moving closer
Jul 16, 2010
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Valv.Piti said:
El Pistolero said:
Nibali, I love his seated accelerations.
Indeed. I also remember his violent accelerations standing, looks quite good as well. But Nibali definitely belongs here.
Yeah, he's capable of both. Usually it's one of the two: Froome mostly does seated accelerations (and looks god awful), while Contador mostly does standing accelerations.

But Nibali definitely has that panache the Italians are so famous for. And not that I'm gay, but I definitely think he's the most sexy guy out of the GC riders. :lol:
Jun 13, 2016
I don't know about how aesthetically pleasing it is, but when Sagan puts the hammer down while seated makes me tremble a bit. This year, you could feel the power (RVV, Suisse).


(watch the attack at 1h and 9 min, more or less)

The commentator saying that he had no chance of doing it alone, of bridging it alone and then when he realizes how hard Sagan is putting the hammer down is great.
Apr 22, 2012
There is lot of them. Kreuziger has nice style. His slow elegant cadence while others around are washing- machining. Nibali. Dumoulin.

On the other hand Contador's flogging looks ridiculous and that I've been saying even back then when I was his fan.
Aug 31, 2012
I agree LRP cuts a very elegant figure on a bike. His grin especially is remarkable. Not the most aesthetically pleasing rider tho

SeriousSam said:
I agree LRP cuts a very elegant figure on a bike. His grin especially is remarkable. Not the most aesthetically pleasing rider tho

Im talking about Evans' signature climbing style, not Richie 2017 tdf champion Porte's unremarkable riding style. Wait... are we talking about riding styles or overall physical attraction? Now Im confused...
Aug 3, 2016
Kiriyenka never ever looks any different at any point in any race.

Cavendish in sprints just oozes natural talent.
VDB was quite elegant in action. Like a greyhound in stride. The previously posted profile photo of him in the drops says it all.

Contador out of the saddle in the midst of an attack in the mountains is quite beautiful to behold.

Valverde in the drops, sprinting is another lovely sight.

Petacchi had a very smooth delivery of his power in his sprints. Very little of the bike tossing about. Just straight ahead acceleration. No wasted motion. Very efficient.

I loved watching Mayo attacking with his full zip jersey completely unzipped, flailing behind him like the cape of a superhero in flight.