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Who's the most aesthetically pleasing rider?

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DFA123 said:
I always though there was something aesthetically appealing about Ullrich's style - especially when he was overweight and didn't get up from the saddle much.

One of my favourite cycling videos of all time (great camerawork) was his win at Emilia in 2001. Basically a fat bloke attacking and sprinting up all the 10%+ slopes of the Madonna di San Luca in the big ring - with such a beautifully round pedal action and slow cadence. His style made to look all the better when contrasted against Basso fighting the bike.


Thanks for posting that. I had forgotten about that win.

Casagrande may have possibly had the worst sprint of any rider over 135 pounds during his era.

Hugo Koblet said:
A funnier topic might be "who's the least aesthetically pleasing rider?" (though I would be surprised if it hasn't already been done).

I think we have some good candidates here: Aru, Mollema, Chris Anker Sørensen, though for me Aru takes the prize.

I like to watch those riders a lot and in general cyclists where you can see the effort, yeah Escartin too. Sandy Casar had the best way of riding ever, you could see the effort but he also usually seemed measured and balanced. Also Dario Frigo was like that. Chris Horner for out of the saddle for longest time prize. I don't like it where someone appear to make an effort to keep their back super still but I can't think of anyone particular who does that.
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Cance > TheRest said:
Alexandre B. said:
According to Lucien Aimar, Rik Van Looy and Jacques Anquetil.
According to me, Alberto Contador (top form only), Peter Sagan and Andreas Klöden.
Despite all the great things that Sagan brings to the table, "Aesthetically pleasing" are not the words I would use to describe his style. On normal flat roads, cobbles, sprints etc, I must say that his bulky thighs combined with the outwards angle of the knees (this is one of the worst-looking characteristics when talking style) is not a treat to my eye. His descending style is a different matter, however.

Otherwise I agree about the other choices, especially Klöden, whom I've always thought of as quite an elegant climber with his 90 degree (almost!) elbow angle and lack of upper body movement.
Well the ways he destroyed Vanmarcke in Flanders or the field in Suisse were a thing of beauty to me.
Never mentioned enough. Michele Bartoli does it for me. Such class on every terrain, such a composure, so awesome to see. A cycling knight.

Also recently, Wiggo time trialing was a sight to behold. Absolute fuckin perfection.
Tom Dumoulin is definitely the most beautiful on a bike among the current pro peloton.

Bushman said:
I'd like to mention Betancur, at least when takling of climbers. His incredibly strong accelerations looked effortless at times when he was in shape.

I see you like it chubby :D

Past, present and future: Alberto Contador. Everytime I see this man climbing in form I immediatelly want to go out and ride my bike. I don't think I would ever have ridden so many kilometers as I did hadn't I known Bertie.
Aug 16, 2013
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Pure aesthetically speaking, no rider comes close to Pippo. A joy to watch.

I don't like Wiggo as a rider, but i can't deny his style is wonderfull.

Bartoli was great too. Especially when he did a TT on a hill, with his hands over his handlebars. Other candidates:

- VDB (the original one)
- Museeuw
- Valverde
- Mayo
- Sagan
- Horner and Acvevedo (great climbing style)
- Purito (when he's in control and in shape, it's a joy to watch him climb. Like on Sotres in the Vuelta last year, especially if you compare it to his big rival that day and Vuelta, Aru ;) )

Indurain climbing. Knowing the unparallelled force behind that rock solid, seated, tempo riding style set him apart from the rest and makes the choice very easy. The reference for an entire generation similar stylish riders after (like Ullrich, Wiggins).

Contador 2007-2009 was a Monet painting as well.

This is my favorite Klöden picture. :D

I always thought Jalabert had the best style ever. He was still very smooth even though he was struggling, which is pretty rare.
Jul 20, 2016
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Past : Armstrong (even if I don't like him during his TDF victories, I can't deny he had one of the greatest style on a bike)

Present : Sagan

These two gave such an impression of strength on a bike (which is not just an impression). Just by the look, even when they are on the peloton, they seem to dominate their machine much more than the others...

Other great styles : Klöden, Breukink, Anquetil, Vanderaerden, Contador, Boonen
ITT : Dumoulin