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Who's the most aesthetically pleasing rider?

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Greg LeMond
Sagan is pure class on a bike. Look at him riding in the last km of Tour of Flanders or WC, his legs moving with such power is a real treat for eyes.

Wiggins on a TT bike also. And Contador, Purito, Rolland, and Alaphilippe.
Rolland is coming up quite a bit - I reckon he's got an amazing position. Unbelievably flat back, and very symmetrical. But for some reason, I don't find his style aesthetically pleasing. Not sure why.

Have to agree wholeheartedly with Pantani. Was just an absolute joy to watch him attack up a climb.

Agree that Indurain definitely deserves a mention. Elegant and effortless.

Lemond - raw power, but usually put in a lot of upper body in his climbing. Don't think he cuts it.
Until 2006, Basso was cool to watch(though his upper body started rocking a bit on very steep stuff), especially Was he ever out of the saddle?

Contador and Schleck climbing.

Wiggins TTing.

Indurain, very smooth.

myrideissteelerthanyours said:
Every part of his body was moving in a different direction but combined it was like a brilliant and absolutely mad symphony. Im having trouble finding a picture that does him justice.

Evans looked really comfortable on a TT Bike too - especially that day in Grenoble - so smooth.

Stephen Roche
Felice Gimondi
Gianni Bugno
Francesco Moser
Roberto Heras
And, you might laugh, but Aitor Gonzalez

Lots of stylish riders like Boonen, Cancellara, Rolland, etc. but Pippo Pozzato is the most stylish on a bike: great position, supple pedal stroke, like Moser, he seems to glide along.
I have to add Moreno Argentin and a New Zealand pro who retired relatively recently that reminded me of Argentin whose name escapes me at the moment. I loved to watch these two in action.

Edit: Hayden Roulston is his name. Retired last year.

Alexandre B. said:
According to Lucien Aimar, Rik Van Looy and Jacques Anquetil.
According to me, Alberto Contador (top form only), Peter Sagan and Andreas Klöden.
Despite all the great things that Sagan brings to the table, "Aesthetically pleasing" are not the words I would use to describe his style. On normal flat roads, cobbles, sprints etc, I must say that his bulky thighs combined with the outwards angle of the knees (this is one of the worst-looking characteristics when talking style) is not a treat to my eye. His descending style is a different matter, however.

Otherwise I agree about the other choices, especially Klöden, whom I've always thought of as quite an elegant climber with his 90 degree (almost!) elbow angle and lack of upper body movement.
I always though there was something aesthetically appealing about Ullrich's style - especially when he was overweight and didn't get up from the saddle much.

One of my favourite cycling videos of all time (great camerawork) was his win at Emilia in 2001. Basically a fat bloke attacking and sprinting up all the 10%+ slopes of the Madonna di San Luca in the big ring - with such a beautifully round pedal action and slow cadence. His style made to look all the better when contrasted against Basso fighting the bike.