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Why has no American politician spoken on the USADA report

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Jul 14, 2009
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Speedzero said:
40 or 50, which is it? Lance claims 500 tests, I think you should claim $500 million, as that would be more impressive.

Fact: USADA's total annual grant from the government, covering everything they do, is $10 million. See page 37 of this link: http://www.usada.org/uploads/annualreport/2010 usada ar.final.pdf

My bad. I thought the Novitzky US dollar estimates were accurate . I pooled all the money together if the USADA took over and it only cost 10mil good on them. I mean most Americans want good TDF results and 10,000,000 sounds like a bargain.

We can also catch speeders with drones, but is it worth it? After all they are breaking the law.

looking at Hamilton,Armstrong and Hincapie and going on and on about doping is silly when there are dead bodies at the other end of the spectrum. Doping, yes, were we should drop 40,000,000 bucks .NFW.