Why Team Sky will dominate cycling till 2018

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jsem94 said:
Until 2018 and their subsequent folding due to Froome's business. Oracle indeed. Freaking Nostradamus 2.0.
The dude also predicted three straight tour winners - Evans, Wigans, Froome along with who knows what else.

Still the greatest poster to ever grace this site (sorry Libertine)

del1962 said:
WonderLance said:
Of coarse it does silly, cant you read the bit at the start?

What about winter training in spain, no other pro cyclists have done that. They are usually off eating pies, making gingerbread, and being the international face of lederhosen like Jan used to
To be honest I thought your topic was trolling, but pehaps you are some thought of witty genius with a brain the size of a planet
It seems so... yet again!