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Wiggins, Clinic respect?

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As a former star of 'The Jump' - and one who suffered an injury - Wiggins's people will be following this closely:
It was billed as a chance to watch celebrities tackle “seriously scary winter sports” on prime-time television, but the makers of The Jump are facing a seriously scary legal bill after an Olympic gymnast announced she is suing for £200,000 in damages after being injured on the show.

Beth Tweddle was airlifted to hospital in February 2016 while training on the ski jump at the Channel 4 show’s set in Austria. She said she had never fully recovered from the incident, which had affected her ability to work, and insisted the programme makers have never accepted responsibility.
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brownbobby said:
MartinGT said:
I must say though. His knowledge and commentating etc has been enjoyable.

Indeed...i find his podcasts enjoyable as well.

Have to say i'm finding him much easier to like these days than i ever did when he was riding!


Seems a lot more relaxed and calm and at ease with where he is. Good to see. Albeit his Insta yesterday had a pic with him and Gazza who looks an absolute sorry state. :sad:

macbindle said:
By whom were we known for that?? Ourselves???

We are known for spawning the largest empire in the modern era, founded on violence and deception, for duplicity, hypocrisy and deceit. For exploitation and subjugation of our colonial captives and a subsequent century of denial.

So Team Sky probably did some naughty things, just like everybody else in recent history? Big deal. My heart bleeds for the poor pure innocents they cheated out of potential victory, people like Nibali from the whiter than white Astana, or Quintana and his almost holy wingman, Valverde.

Oaky so you're all crooks. I don't look at Quintana as a doper. Quite the opposite on his racing pattern of the last few years.

I don't excuse Sky on other riders like Nibali and Valverde being suspicious. Cheating is cheating even if you're simply the best at beating the system. Still a cheat.
Wiggins was on Lance's podcast on the penultimate day of the Tour. May have been the last. But he was a great listen.

He says something about Brailsford getting people to do his dirty work.
This reminded me issoisso's ( former member here ) signature on PCMDaily ( sadly left that forum years ago too ):
"I love him, I think he's great. He's transformed the sport in so many ways. Every person in cycling has benefitted from Lance Armstrong, perhaps not financially but in some sense" - Bradley Wiggins on Lance Armstrong
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Riding on the back of a moto whilst on Eurosport commentary at the Tour TT last Saturday, Wiggins compared Van Aerts style on the bike to 'the great Lance Armstrong'. Perhaps there was a veiled insinuation there or it was just Wiggins fawning over Lance again. He always did put him up on a pedestal.
When I watch wiggo on podcasts and the like (e.g. the move) it seems to me it is not veiled comments. He certainly seems pretty comfy chatting it up with Lance and I've not heard a peep from wiggo about doping of recent. It's like he's seen the other side.

I don't think his comment about DB was anything more than plain objective comment. Many leaders get others to "do their dirty work" :p He does a pretty good impression of DB hand talking in another vid.
Got away with what? He's never been under any actual investigation by UKAD, UCI or WADA has he as far as I can tell? Newspapers, yes.
Yeah, the UKAD investigation only went on for 14 months, easy to miss...

Then, an even longer investigation from the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee on the British House of Commons concluded:

From the evidence that has been received by the Committee regarding the use of triamcinolone at Team Sky during the period under investigation, and particularly in 2012, we believe that this powerful corticosteroid was being used to prepare Bradley Wiggins, and possibly other riders supporting him, for the Tour de France. The purpose of this was not to treat medical need, but to improve his power to weight ratio ahead of the race. The application for the TUE for the triamcinolone for Bradley Wiggins, ahead of the 2012 Tour de France, also meant that he benefited from the performance enhancing properties of this drug during the race. This does not constitute a violation of the WADA code, but it does cross the ethical line that David Brailsford says he himself drew for Team Sky. In this case, and contrary to the testimony of David Brailsford in front of the Committee, we believe that drugs were being used by Team Sky, within the WADA rules, to enhance the performance of riders, and not just to treat medical need.