Wiggins, Clinic respect?

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macbindle said:
By whom were we known for that?? Ourselves???

We are known for spawning the largest empire in the modern era, founded on violence and deception, for duplicity, hypocrisy and deceit. For exploitation and subjugation of our colonial captives and a subsequent century of denial.

So Team Sky probably did some naughty things, just like everybody else in recent history? Big deal. My heart bleeds for the poor pure innocents they cheated out of potential victory, people like Nibali from the whiter than white Astana, or Quintana and his almost holy wingman, Valverde.
Oaky so you're all crooks. I don't look at Quintana as a doper. Quite the opposite on his racing pattern of the last few years.

I don't excuse Sky on other riders like Nibali and Valverde being suspicious. Cheating is cheating even if you're simply the best at beating the system. Still a cheat.