Wiggins in clean tour win shocker?

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taiwan said:
Nah you started comparing similar endurance based events, but now you're randomly throwing in sprint events and claiming interchangability. You could could pretty easily find amateur sprinters quicker than Mo Farah over 60m. Also as I understood it endurance is easier to train than speed. And for the comparison with Wiggins 5/10k is too short to compare even to a long ITT.

I wonder if you've been lecturing on this topic for years or whether you just jumped on the bandwagon after the Tour. In the end it's a sideshow anyway - I'm not even claiming it's impossible for an IP rider to go for GC, but do I belive that there is a ready path between the 2, or believe in Wiggins tranformation? Hmm. I doubt this is changing anyone's opinion either way.
I'm not trying to be funny with you. All I'm trying to explain is that 4k to GT contender is not an especially remarkable path for an extremely gifted athlete.

You are correct in that endurance is easier to train than speed but with runners, the body type of full on sprinters is too heavy (and their muscle composition too weighted in favour of fast twitch white fibres) for them to transfer their talent easily to longer distances. The lighter framed distance runner with slow twitch fibres can transform some of their type 2b fibres into fast twitch fibres with training. They can still generate a lot of speed without the power because there is less mass to accelerate.

Anyway, just trying to help. I'll leave it at that.
I know jack about doping doctors but I know a hell of a lot about training endurance athletes.
I guess Landis' verdict is in.

Floyd Landis: "Anyone who said I doped was a lazy *** ****ing ****er, who sadly didn't believe in miracles, and never did anything in their life."

Floy Landis: "People who believe in Sky also believe in Father Christmas. Full r-word."
Mar 13, 2009
6 days for money in the track. better than a quadrennial olympics payday from a sponsor like Sharp or Rapha
Jul 6, 2010
Sh*t, I'm still laughing about the OP: "Wigans exposed as clean Tour winner shocker".

That train left the station long ago.

Post your sh*t, b*tches!
Apr 5, 2010
SKY team

Geordie Racer said:
Bradly Wiggins has been exposed as a clean tour winner much to the disappointment of cynical cycling fans

So i've read these forums for a few years now and i've finally been stung into action
The so called cycling experts on here twist and turn any information to try to prove there own view

However i think its blatantly obvious that Wiggins is clean , The way he rides is that of a clean rider
Why cant people just accept that the guy has worked hard and won the biggest crown in cycling

Oh and i,m not some blind fan i know all about the doping exploits of the past 1st hand

oh really okay so please explain why the guy doing well since PARIS NICE in the beginning of the year then he winn all the grand tour never had a bad day????even LANCE couldn't do has good yes WEGGINS hes the best time trial,but winning the tour take so much out of you then a week later control a race of 250 kms always in front then 3 days later win again the time trial never ever a rider did that yet then you tell me hes clean are you crazy impossible anywhere only time will tell but even you do a lot of training you must have time too recover ?

Give the guy his due
He won and he won clean
hahaha you very funny are you a professional cycling?
How reliable are the Olympic stats on height and weight? Does anybody know how they compile those? Do they measure them themselves at the Games? Do they get them from the athletes/federations? It would be interesting to compare the listed weights of other cyclists, too. I'd like to know whether those 77 kg are meaningful.