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Jul 10, 2010
krebs303 said:
Clear. High of 22C. Breezy. Winds from the WSW at 10 to 20 km/h.

So, krebsy, you still get out and catch a wave or two now and then? Nice curl on that one.

January thaw here. Went from -7 F (-22 C) one week to just above freezing during the days. Feels positively balmy.
Quite a lot of snow, though not as much here as they got in the more Northern parts of Jutland.

Unfortunately it's still above freezing temperatures, according to the weather site it's about 2C (35F), so it's the wet sticky kind of snow, rather then the pretty sparkly kind...
Still foggy, still chilly, no TV coverage of the Tour Down Under or the Tour de San Luis where I live... guess I'll have to finish reading this goddamned Wheelmen book I got for Xmas.

I liked Tyler's book because it was very eye-opening for me, reading about Armstrong makes me want to vomit half the time, however.
Dec 30, 2010
warming up

Its warming up from that polar vortex we have been blessed with lately .
From minus 39degrees C with the windchill factor to a quite reasonable minus 10 to 15 degrees C.
Woot Woot . :D
This, this white stuff... what do you call it again? We're not used to it here in western Oregon.

Actually, we did already have a snow storm earlier, and exactly two months ago, but no way am I riding in it even this time around. (I'm just gonna stay in, watch the Olympics, and hopefully I'll be able to pound some kind of a birdhouse together without amputating my fingers.)
Feb 27, 2014

The weather in Jakarta is tropical with high humidity and lots of rainfall. Jakarta weather really only has two seasons, with a rainy season (November to June) and a dry season (July to October). Even during the dry season there are some rainy days. Due to Jakarta's proximity to the equator, temperatures do not vary much. Daytime temperatures rise to about 35°C in the dry season and drop to night-time lows of about 25°C in January
Still hot and windy here, the forecast for the next few weeks is still max temps of 30c-35c with no rain in sight (none since September I think). Mornings can be a little fresh at times which is a nice change but it heats up quickly. Really missing the east coast atm, so sick of never having any shade!!!
May 11, 2009
BroDeal said:

Snow on the ground. Asphalt is mostly dry, but it's covered with grit. It is easier and safer to use a mountain bike than a road bike.
But supposed to be in the 50s (deg F) today.
Mar 16, 2009

Nice start to the day. Hot,hot,hot 39c but the devils winds have abated should help in fighting multitudes of fires in San Diego County. I going to hunker down with a cold beverage :D
Jan 12, 2014
The photos are from Serbia. Lower flow of the Sava river and its tributaries.
But the situation became critical in the entire basin due to the heavy rainfalls during the past week.

A whole town of 25000 inhabitants near Belgrade is flooded and the settlements of the municipality are completely evacuated.
Material damage is immeasurable and there are civil casualties as well.
The help in resources and personnel is coming from all sides of Europe and the USA (representatives in Serbia).
Estimations are that this isn't the 100-year-flood, but the 1000-year-flood, if it can be reliably said at all.
Thank you for compassion and support.